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Welcome to "The Feather Craftsman"!

We make hand crafted, wearable, real feather accessories and jewellery, often using recycled and reclaimed materials.​ Browse our shop for current available stock to find the perfect match for any occasion.

See our gallery of previous designs below!



Reclaimed Feathers:

We source many of our feathers from New Zealand pest control, as well as local aviarists and former fly tyers.


Recycled Materials:

Where we can we utilise recycled materials including piano wire, leather and suede, bullet casings and old coins.


Unique Designs:

Every feather is hand selected and every item is designed by Simon or Jodi. We take pride in our quality and innovation.


Skillfully Handmade:

Many substandard products are only glued or clipped together. Ours are meticulously whipped together like a fishing fly.


Natural Colours:

We don't dye or enhance the colours of the feathers. Everything is as nature intended.

Free NZ shipping for orders over $100

Free hand delivery around Wanaka and Queenstown

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